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Timeplex group is a Hong Kong based organization with integrated manufacturing facilities in China. Established in 1989, Timeplex brought the Hong Kong management system to meet international standard, along side with years of proven technique and experience. Timeplex provides customer with complete development capabilities starting from product concept, prototypes to feasibility samples and volume manufacture. Product range including metallic, plastic, electrical and electronics. Our engineering team help clients to develop the product to meet stringent specifications and to compile with the necessary mandatory standards. Through the effort in the past two decades, Timeplex has become one...

Categories and Products

Metal Stamping Components

TV Top Metal Box

TV Set Top Box Metal Housing 

Metal Stamping Accessories

Metal stamping parts a Custom Allred metal stamping parts Various Metal stamping components aro metal stamping parts High precision sheet metal stamping part Precision sheet metal stamping part metal stamping components a Metal stamping Accessories a metal stamping accesories b Metal stamping accessories i Metal stamping accessories c Metal stamping housing d Metal stamping accessories e Metal stamping accessories f Metal stamping accessories g Metal stamping accessories for custom Metal stamping accesories i Custom Metal stamping part j Metal stamping accessories k Metal stamping Case l 

TV Metal Box

custom cable TV Electronic metal box 

TV Metal Case

TV metal chassis & panel 

Power Adapter Metal Housing

Custom Metal Part Sheet Metal Stamping Power Transformer Metal Box 

Power Metal Stamping Plate Housing

Power Adapter Metal Housing LED Driver Metal Housing Precision Metal Stamping Parts Power adapter metal housing-1 Metal Housing for Power Supply Custom barlow metal stamping parts Acro metal stamping parts Lower case Metal stamping kits Metal stamping plate b Metal stamping plate a 

UPS Power Metal Stamping Housing

Precision Copper Stamping Parts Metal Housing for Led driver Brass Fitting with Chrome Plated UPS metal stamping housing-1 

Led Metal Base

LED metal Stamping base 

Led Power Metal Parts

LED Power Metal Stamping Housing-1 LED power metal parts 

Led Driver Metal Housing

LED driver metal housing-1 Metal stamping bottom tray Led driver metal case Led driver metal housing a LED driver metal case a Led driver metal case b Led driver metal case c Led driver metal case d Led driver metal case e Led driver metal case f Led ballast metal components Led driver metal case g Custom led ballast metal case Led driver ballast metal parts Led driver metal case j LED driver ballast metal housing Led ballast metal part Led driver metal housing for custom Led driver metal case n Led driver metal case o 

Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Universal sheet stamping parts Custom Precision Metal stamping part Precision metal stamping parts f Precision metal stamping case Precision metal stamping parts a Precision metal stamping parts b Precision metal stamping parts for usa Custom metal stamping parts in amazon Precision metal stamping part Precision metal stamping part a Precision metal stamping part b Precision metal stamping part c Precision metal stamping part d Precision metal stamping part e Precision metal stamping part f Precision metal stamping part g Precision metal stamping part h Precision metal stamping part i Precision metal stamping part j Precision metal stamping part k 

Precision Copper Stamping Parts

High precision metal hardware Custom high quality brass fittings Precision copper stamping housing Custom copper stamping components 

Stamping Spring Fittings

Metal stamping alabama parts 

AMPLIFIERS Metal Chassis Panel

Custom precision Metal Panel for Amplifiers High Quality Custom Metal Fabrication Parts Metal Stamping Amplifier Panel Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel a Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel b Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel c Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel d Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel e Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel f Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel g Amplifiers metel panel & chassis Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel j Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel h Amplifiers metel chassis and Panel i 

Audio Metal Chassis Panel

AMPLIFIERS metal chassis & panel-1 

Metal Shielding Case Components

High precision stamping parts EMI Metal Shielding Plates Metal Shielding Materials components Metal detector shielding parts Metal Stamping Shielding box metal foam radiation shielding parts EMI Shielding metal component EMI Shielding metal component a EMI Shielding metal component for custom EMI Shielding metal component c EMI Shielding metal component d EMI Shielding metal component e EMI Shielding metal component f EMI Shielding metal component g EMI Shielding metal component h EMI Shielding metal component i RF shiedling case e RF shiedling case a RF shiedling case b RF shiedling case c 

Plastic Injection Components

Plastic Injection Power Housing

Custom Plastic power housing Plastic components for customer n Plastic components for customer o Plastic components for customer p 

Plastic Injection Motor Shaft

Plastic components for customer z Plasttic injection part a Plastic injection components a Plastic injection components b 

Plastic Injection Motor Frame

Plastic Injection Motor Frame Plastic injection components e Plastic injection components f Plastic injection components g Plastic injection components h Plastic injection components i Plastic injection components j Plastic injection components k Plastic injection components l Plastic injection components m 

Injection Tube Fittings

Custom plastic pipe fittings custom plastic tube Plastic components for customer f 

Injection Gun Accessories

Plastic Spray Gun accessories Plastic components for customer m 

Plastic Injection Control Handle

Plastic components for customer j Plastic components for customer l Plastic handle components Plastic handle components a Plastic components for customer q Plastic components for customer y Plastic injection components n Plastic injection components o Plastic injection components g Plastic injection components h Plastic injection components i Plastic injection components p Plastic injection components q Plastic injection components q Plastic injection components j Plastic injection components k Plastic injection components l Plastic injection components m Plastic injection components n Plastic injection components o 

Injection Charger Base Accessories

Plastic Injection Charge Base Plastic components for customer h Plastic components for customer i Plastic components for customer t 

Plastic Ups Drive Housing

High power plastic housing 

Plastic Injection Aerosol Dispenser Boxes

Plastic Aerosol dispenser boxes Plastic aerosal dispener boxes Plastic aerosal dispener boxes a Plastic aerosal dispener boxes b Plastic components for customer c Plastic components for customer d Plastic injection components c Plastic injection components d 

Plastic Injection Accessories

Plastic injection Control handle injection plastic molding products for custom Plastic components for customer Plastic components for customer a Plastic components for customer e Plastic injection parts for custom Plastic injection small part Plastic injection parts for motor Plastic injection parts for motors Plastic injection parts for power Plastic injection case for custom Plastic injection color parts for toy Plastic injection color parts Plastic injection part for toy Plastic injection clip connectors Plastic injection transparent parts Plastic injection color boxes & clips Plastic injection accessories for custom Plastic injection parts for hairdryer Plastic injection parts for homeappliance 

Plastic Injection Clear Housing

Injection molded transparent housing Plastic spare parts for kitchen 

Injection Molded Connector Accessories

High voltage Plastic cable connector case Plastic hose Joint Connector kit Plastic components for customer g Plastic components for customer k Plastic components for customer u 

Injection Curve Joint Fittings

Plastic Curve joint fittings for hose Plastic components for customer r Plastic components for customer s Plastic components for customer w Plastic components for customer v Plastic components for customer x 


CPU Heatsink

Heat sink for CPU cooler 

Mainboard Heatsink

Motherboard Heatsink For Router 

Fan Heatsink

Mini fan with copper heatsink Durable fan cooler heat sink 

Audio Heatsink-A

Custom design heatsink for audio Custom aluminium Heat sink 

Mosfet Heatsink

Welding Aluminium Heat Sink 

Cooler Heatsink

Durable custom Cooler Heatsink 

RC Drone

Mini Drone

mini drone with 4k camera Mini drone with Wifi 4 Channels Small drone with GPS Mini Toys Quadcopter Drone High performance rc quad drone High performance Intelligent FPV drone WiFi FPV Micro Drone 

Tello Drone

Dr10 Drone for custom DR10 Drone with wifi DR10 camera drone with wifi DR10 HD Video drone 

Mini Quadcopter Drone

Mini quadcopter drone with WIFI 

Flying Car Drone

flying car drone with video Aerial view drone with Wifi Automatic mini drone with good camera Toy Mini RC Drone with HD Camera 2.4GHz RC Mini Drone with HD Camera 

Flying Tank Drone

Small Flying Tank drone Ultralight skyline rc drone fpv Flying Tank Drone with Wifi 

Battle Drone

Small Racing Remote Battle Drone 

Pterosaur Drone

4channel R/C Pterosaur fpv quadcopter drone 

AR Racing Battle Tank

2018 Racing Batlle AR Tank AR racing battle tank Ar Battle Tank for sale Custom AR Battle Tank Custom AR Racing Battle Tank Ar racing battle tank for sale AR racing battle tank in Amozon Ar racing battle tank for custom The best Custom AR battle tank Ar racing battle tank in ebay Ar racing battle tank for kids Custom Ar racing battle tan kit Ar racing battle tank for customers Red AR racing battle tank 4 colors AR Racing Battle tanks AR racing battle tank for kid Camouflage color AR battle tank Blue & White AR battle tank 4 camouflage colors AR racing battle tanks Black AR racing battle tank 

OEM/ODM Products

ODM electric facial brush Industrial wet & dry Vacuum Cleaner Portable armrest shower seat Safety handle for bath tub Toliet Safety Grab Bar Adjustable Seat Chair folding Bath Stool electric spray gun for walls Automatic Electric Spray Gun Grab Bar powder coated Curve Bathroom Grab Bar Automatic aerosol air freshener dispenser Automatic changeover switch Mini exhaust duct fan wet switch flood detector install Universal low voltage alarm Clay target trap for USA USB cord holder for customer wifi spy tank with video WiFi controlled wireless spy tank Condensate Water Pump for USA 

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